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Parkbench Helps Open Up Bakery In Mitahato Village Kenya

This week is a particularly special week on our Behind The Bench blog. That’s because the very first bakery and restaurant has opened in the Mitahato Village region of Kenya, Africa! And we were lucky enough to help with the cause by donating an oven and other accessories to help get them started. We’re very excited and humbled as a team to be able to contribute to such a wonderful cause and milestone for the Mitahato Village region in Kenya. [Show slideshow] The opening of the bakery has forever changed the lives for Gladys and Cecelia and their families,...

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Parkbench Instructional Video Behind The Scenes

The two main objectives for our blog are to show you behind-the-scenes of our office and the kind of culture we promote within our company, as well as keep you up to date with what we’re working on that we feel might be interesting and worth showing. While we plan to continue creating blog content that gives you the inside scoop on our quirky little family, we’re going to start posting more about the various projects we’re working on within the office.  This past week we shot an Instructional Video at a local barbershop in the Liberty Village neighbourhood...

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Parkbench Family Sunday Workout & Shopping Trip

While fun and friendship are two of the big keywords we use to describe the Parkbench Family and our corporate environment, fitness would probably have to be the third. Every Sunday many members of our team participate in a Sunday morning CrossFit workout that is organized by our founders, Grant and Amanda (who are both big fitness junkies and fans of CrossFit). While there’s a wide-breadth of fitness experience involved (some of our team members have actually never worked out, or haven’t worked out in years, while others are gym regulars), the workout sessions are a good chance for...

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The Parkbench Team practices what they preach!

We advocate our REALTORS® — – get out into the community and meet local business owners and professionals! Interview them to find out their brand’s story to feature them on the Parkbench platform. Now, we wouldn’t be being authentic if we didn’t show our clients firsthand just how easy, simple, and effective this process is! So, our CEO Grant, along with a few of our market specialists, took to the streets in our home neighborhood of Liberty Village to set-up interviews with local business owners to show exactly how effortless it is to make the magic happen! PS. All...

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Parkbench Family Does The Christmas Market

The Christmas Season is just around the corner! While most big companies will rent out some venue for their staff to get drunk and jolly while snacking on finger foods and clinging to their work cliques, Parkbench is more about regular outings together as a group so everyone can get to know their work mates and come together as a unit working together toward one common goal. In a word, Christmas is about family. At Parkbench we call our team, the Parkbench family. While our family might not look like one another or be blood-related in any way, our...

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