Parkbench team photo

Welcome Behind The Bench

Hello Internet and Parkbench super fans,

It’s your neighborhood Parkbench team here 🙂

Time to take a break from sitting on the bench to come around behind the bench and join us where all the fun is!

Okay, maybe you’ve heard of us. Maybe you haven’t. And no, we don’t actually build park benches, but we haven’t ruled out the possibility of it for future product expansion. If you haven’t heard of us, don’t worry we’re a secure company and won’t get offended. We’re a Toronto tech-start-up. We build neighborhood websites for local professionals and businesses so they can connect with others in their community. In a nutshell, we’re dedicated to improving communities and helping local professionals build their businesses through relationship-based marketing in the local community.

That’s who we are. That’s what we do. Feel free to comment below or contact us directly if you want to say hello so we don’t feel like we’re just blindly typing into the abyss of the internet every week on this blog.

Now to the meat and potatoes. Today is special because we’re giving birth to our company blog “Behind the Bench”. We thank you for taking a break from your internet browsing and snack eating to be here by our side for the birth of our blog and to celebrate this monumental occasion.

So why a company blog now?

We just moved into our biggest and most badass office space yet — our office tour blog will directly follow this welcome blog (so stay tuned for that!) We just reached our highest employee total of 16 (all of whom are rock stars in their own regard), hit a company sales record last month, and our founders just got back from swimming with the big fish all summer at 500 Startups in Silicon Valley. So you could say we’re on a bit of a company high right now. So much so we should probably be dancing on the bench instead of hanging out behind it.

What will our company blog be about?

Well, most companies create a company blog that talks about their products, services, and industry as a whole. And while we have our blogging platforms that are about providing value to our clients and industry, this blog is about our team more than it is about our industry. This blog is about the people at our company. It’s about our culture. It’s about start-up culture as a whole. And most importantly, it’s about the story of our company. It’s about our journey — and we’re officially inviting you to come on that journey with us.

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Oh great! Another company transparency blog! I’m just going to go back to consuming my delicious snack and watch YouTube videos about killer snakes in the Amazon.” While your snack is undeniably delicious and Amazon snakes are inarguably cool, and you’re right, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel here, we ask you to hit the pause button, stick around a while, and give us a chance. I have a feeling you might be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

On our blog you won’t find boring recaps where we hit you with all the stats and numbers and deliver painstakingly dull business reports. You won’t find dry business articles that make you dream of paint drying. This blog will be engaging, entertaining, and humorous stories from inside our office and the work we’re doing to become the most neighborhood-centric company in North America. We will be telling our story through various medias — including videos, pictures, and articles.

While we can’t promise you a moon made out of cheese, we do promise that if you’re someone who believes you can have fun at work every single day and are an advocate of maintaining your sense of humor while you push for your business goals, then this blog is for you. At Parkbench we don’t work with a stick up our ass. Our bosses are more our collaborators than our superiors. And our sales staff don’t compete against each other, they support each other. Our company is about team play, it’s about community, and most importantly, it’s about family.

So join the Parkbench family every week as we bring you “behind the bench” to our journey and our culture in the way that represents what we value as a company.

Our business is about community. And so are we.