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Parkbench Family Does The Christmas Market

The Christmas Season is just around the corner! While most big companies will rent out some venue for their staff to get drunk and jolly while snacking on finger foods and clinging to their work cliques, Parkbench is more about regular outings together as a group so everyone can get to know their work mates and come together as a unit working together toward one common goal.

In a word, Christmas is about family. At Parkbench we call our team, the Parkbench family. While our family might not look like one another or be blood-related in any way, our multicultural bunch will give Angelina Jolie’s family a serious run for its money. The Parkbench Family might not be our family by birth, but it’s definitely our family by choice. For that reason, the holiday season is a particularly special time for us all to all get into the holiday spirit together.

First up on the holiday tour, the Parkbench Family does the Christmas Market.


Caption: Here we are being photo bombed by several other families. Please do not be confused — those other families to our immediate right and back are not at all connected or related to our family. There just happened to be only one sign in the entire market that said ‘Family’ which meant being inadvertently photo-bombed by other families was a serious photo hazard. Don’t worry, after we complained to market staff several times they promised to rectify this issue with several more ‘Family’ signs for next year.


Caption: Market specialist Slias was in the bathroom when the team took the family photo and was a little spiteful for being left out. So he decided to get revenge by taking his own family photo. He approached the Parkbench parents (founders) immediately afterwards and said he wanted to be emancipated.


Caption: Grant made it up to Slias by promising he would be included in a family photo INSIDE of a Christmas tree. Slias had never been on the inside of a Christmas tree so immediately revoked his threats of emancipation. Grant’s friend outside of his Parkbench family, Edguardo (far right), wanted to tag along and be included in the family photos. Grant agreed, but without telling Edguardo, blurred out his face in photo shop.

playing with candles

Caption: It wouldn’t be Christmas without candles. This particular candle was extra special — it was called “Santa’s Beard” and was supposed to smell exactly like Santa’s beard after he just washed and bathed it before his inaugural Christmas flight in 1812.


Caption: Families gather around fires and warm up together. This picture was taken right before we all held hands and sang “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” and were joined by the entire market in harmonious Christmas song, much like that of Hooville in the Grinch movies.

parkbench family at Christmas market

Caption: The women of the bench come together for a pristine Eskimo SELFIE.

grant and john posing for a photo

Caption: Thank you for being you. CEO Grant (right) and market specialist John give thanks for being you. John is kind of like the Parkbench uncle, the wild character of the family who always entertains everyone with his delightful craziness 🙂

parkbench team partying hard

Caption: SPOTTED: local business owner with a Parkbench sticker on their storefront. What Santa Claus is to children, Parkbench is to local small business owners.

christmas market posing parkbench team

Caption: The Parkbench Family is the story of a bunch of orphans who were once lost and now found a home in the Parkbench family. An ode to their origins you could say. Edguardo continued to persist to be in one of the photos. Grant finally caved since it is the “Season to Give” after all. He considered Eduardo’s photo cameo to be his charitable cause for the Christmas season.

grant and amanda christmas market

The most important part of Christmas is giving thanks to everything and everyone you’re grateful for in your life. Parkbench Founders, Grant & Amanda, are grateful for their amazing Parkbench Family. Awwwwwwww 🙂

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