John Park and Barber

Parkbench Instructional Video Behind The Scenes

The two main objectives for our blog are to show you behind-the-scenes of our office and the kind of culture we promote within our company, as well as keep you up to date with what we’re working on that we feel might be interesting and worth showing. While we plan to continue creating blog content that gives you the inside scoop on our quirky little family, we’re going to start posting more about the various projects we’re working on within the office. 

This past week we shot an Instructional Video at a local barbershop in the Liberty Village neighbourhood (a local barber where a large portion of the male staff in our office frequently get their hair cut at), which we hope will show REALTORS® the exact process they need to go through to execute interviews with local business owners and demonstrate all the benefits a local business owner can expect to see from doing one of these interviews and creating a free business profile on their Neighbourhood Website. 

[Not a valid template]Our market specialist John Park posed as a real estate professional in this video, and filmed an interview on his iPhone using a SELFIE stick, to show our real estate professional just how easy, enjoyable, and creative the local business interview process can be. 

We will be releasing the video soon! In the meantime, check out some of these behind-the-scenes shots.