Parkbench family Sunday trip

Parkbench Family Sunday Workout & Shopping Trip

While fun and friendship are two of the big keywords we use to describe the Parkbench Family and our corporate environment, fitness would probably have to be the third.

Every Sunday many members of our team participate in a Sunday morning CrossFit workout that is organized by our founders, Grant and Amanda (who are both big fitness junkies and fans of CrossFit). While there’s a wide-breadth of fitness experience involved (some of our team members have actually never worked out, or haven’t worked out in years, while others are gym regulars), the workout sessions are a good chance for team members to bond outside of office hours, and begin to develop a fitness routine into their lifestyle and learn more about health and wellness (if they aren’t already doing so on their own).

Below we’ve included some pictures from our most recent Sunday workout to give you a little glimpse into what theseSunday team workouts are all about. This particular Sunday was extra special because our founders took some of the staff out on a Sunday afternoon shopping spree to treat them to some post-workout consumer goods to thank them for all their hard work in 2016!

Check out the picture roll below!

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