Mexico trip

Parkbench Mexico Trip 2017

One thing Parkbench is big on is staff incentives! And you definitely won’t see the staff complaining about it J If you work hard, hit your quotas, or better yet, over exceed your quotas, you will be rewarded for it. Whether it’s impromptu staff shopping trips, staff party nights at the bar, delicious staff lunches, or best yet, epic long weekend getaways to Cancun, Mexico. Grant & Amanda (Parkbench Founders) are exceptional at making sure Parkbench Team employees feel their hard work and results are being noticed and appreciated by the company.

Just last weekend, top sales performers and team sales leads, Andrew and Silas, were rewarded with a trip down to “Party Town” Cancun, Mexico for a little fun in the sand and sun. Whether it was jet ski rides, rounds of golf, or plenty of cocktails, the gang had a blast over the weekend in Mexico. Take a quick sift through some of the photos, which puts on full display just how the Parkbench Team rolls…BUT ONLY…if you do your job REALLY, REALLY, WELL!!

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