Gavin Liu, Researcher Extraordinaire

Meet Gavin Liu, Our New Researcher!


The Parkbench Family is GROWING! With lots of great applicants interviewing, and so much talent showing up to our interview mixers, we had to take some of them! One of these awesome new hires is Gavin Liu – he’s a researcher who helps build Parkbench neighbourhood websites!

Here’s a few quick quotes about the man himself.

On Why He’s Real, But Not 100%
“My two front teeth are fake. In grade 9, I crashed my bike into a mailbox and lost my two front teeth.”

On Why You Probably Don’t Want None
“I may look weak but I have a black belt in Taekwondo.”

On Riding Dirty
“I took horseback riding lessons as a kid. As a result, I know how to ride a horse. Pretty lame and useless, I know.”

On Being A Truly International Success
“I’m 100% Chinese, born in Toronto Canada. My parents are Chinese but born in Calcutta, India. Most people don’t see that coming.”

On Other Things He Rides
“I’m a total transit enthusiast. One of the items on my bucket list is to ride every major transit system in the world.”

On Near Death Experiences
“Second year university, I almost died chasing Drake after I ran across a busy intersection.”

On Movies/TV Warping His Mind
“Most of the decisions I make in my life are based on my favourite movies and tv shows. For example, I decided to join a startup like Parkbench partially because of the movie “The Intern” (ft. Robert De Niro/Anne Hathaway). Another example would be the time I decided to backpack Iceland because i watched a lot of Game of Thrones.”

On The Call of Nature
“I’m an outdoorsman. I enjoy hiking, camping and the great outdoors!”

On Cities vs. Suburbs
“I’m a straight up city kid. I love working, living and playing in the city. The suburbs are lame.”

On Championship Hardware
“One thing I want to witness before I die: the Toronto Raptors becoming NBA Champions.”

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