Meet Leonardo Sanchez, Our New UI/UX Guy!

Parkbench is proud to welcome a new member to the family! Leonardo Sanchez’ resume and portfolio made him an easy decision in our search for good UI/UX help, and he’s a great guy to chat with around the office. Here’s a bit more about him!

On Why He’s an International Man of Mystery
“I was born in Bogota, Colombia.”

On his Simpsons Fan Bona Fides
“I used to have a dog called Homero.” (Homer in Spanish)

On Munching
“My favourite snack is brie cheese on crackers.”

On How He Likes to Unwind
“I like cooking and I make really good Guacamole. I also like walks on the beach.”

What’s He Listening To?
“I like punk.”

On Being a Multi-Talent Threat
“I play guitar and bass.”

On if he Could Possibly Give Shorter Quotes

On Why He Could Be a Great Replacement Host on Top Gear
“I like cars and hope to get a Mustang Boss 1969. I also hope to visit New Zealand again sometime soon.”

On Squad Goals
“If I could I would be friends with Carl Sagan.”

On Starting at Parkbench
“When I found out about the UI/UX position at Parkbench, I was excited about the opportunity to grow professionally and work on a product that would allow me to put my best UI/UX design skills to use. I am excited to be here!”

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